The filmography and bio of Topher Grace, has been growing steadily since his first appearance in the hit television sitcom That 70s Show alongside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunas. He has moved from the small screen to the big screen with such movie hits as In Good Company. The Topher Grace bio as an actor begins as he attended school in Massachusetts for two years where he began his acting career in such musicals as 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' and 'The Pirates of Penzance'. Another lovely addition to the bio of Topher Grace is when he tried his first shot at directing with a choose-your-own-adventure style movie starring his classmates. Some interesting facts in the Topher Grace bio is that he hated the name 'Chris' in school so he changed it to 'Topher' as time went on. Another interesting fact in the bio of Topher Grace is that he dropped out of USC to start his show biz career in That 70s Show. Catch even more interesting facts about the bio of Topher Grace on the official In Good Company movie website. Also, don't miss Topher Grace in the hit comedy movie In Good Company out on DVD today.